This course is a recording of a live course I presented on my exclusive Discover Your Life Purpose in 30 Days course Facebook page. The material references our Q&A which were only available if you took the course live.  These videos are being released for FREE so that you are able to gain this information and knowledge for your own spiritual journey.  

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This spiritually guided course will help you find your life purpose by helping you understand what gets in the way of finding your purpose.  The course is 4 sessions. 

Topics included, but are not limited to...

Identifying Limiting Beliefs about money, relationships, career, and lifestyle

Replacing and shifting old beliefs with new more positive ones

Dealing with Fear and Self-Sabotage

Clearing Negative Energy through a focused healing meditation that follows each session

And finding your Life Purpose

This is the first of a series of workshops developed to help you along your spiritual journey.  The 4 part course is FREE!!!.  Click the Register Now button to have instant access to the video courses.

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Mitzi Wood


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