Your Spiritual Journey Series

Discover Your Life Purpose Through

Spiritual Guidance in 30 Days

This spiritually guided course will help you find your life purpose by helping you understand what gets in the way of finding your purpose. The course is 30 days long. Each Monday at 7 pm CST a new lesson will be presented live on an exclusive Facebook page for workshop participants. That will be followed up by a Q & A on Thursdays at 7 pm CST to address any questions and to offer additional support. I will participate in the Facebook group daily and will provide additional support over the 30 days.

Topics included, but are not limited to...
Identifying Limiting Beliefs about money, relationships, career, and lifestyle
Replacing and shifting old beliefs with new more positive ones
Dealing with Fear and Self-Sabotage
Clearing Negative Energy through a focused healing meditation that follows each session
And finding your Life Purpose

All weekly classes and Q&A will be exclusively on a private Facebook page. You are able to access the information as much as you want as you grow in your spiritual journey.

This is the first of a series of workshops developed to help you along your spiritual journey.
Next Course Date will be February 2019.  Check back for details and to be able to register.

The Live Webinar will be presented and posted in an exclusive Facebook Group

where you will receive support, guidance, gratitude and celebration posts, and extra inspirational content. 

To Register, or for more information call Mitzi Wood at 210-560-7912.

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