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Discover Your Life Purpose

3 Month Individual Spiritual Life Coaching Package

This package I am offering you yields immediate results in the first session! 

This 3 month program includes: 

8 individual video coaching sessions; 

access to 4 recorded training modules to enhance your learning including guided meditations;

along with homework and email contact given between sessions if needed for extra support. 

Sessions are weekly for the 1st month and then bi-monthly for months 2 and 3.


In addition, during the course of our working together you will learn tools to relieve; anxiety, depression, self-sabotaging behaviors, blocks to success, and learn how to follow your soul's life purpose. We will also look into past lives using the Akashic records through spiritual guidance; information from ancestors who have past over if appropriate for you; and channeled information from our spiritual guidance to give you that extra edge and information needed to shift your mindset, clear energy blocks, and find your life purpose. 

It has been proven that most people change over time in the context of a supportive environment.  Having accountability in this program will do something that you couldn't do on your own.    Whether it is to increase your business, find a new career, improve your relationships, or further your spiritual journey, this program is your key to success!

I can tell you the very fact that you are reading this tells me you are looking for a way to work through your issues from a spiritual perspective.  I am looking for people who are motivated to further their spiritual journey and work toward finding their life purpose and living a more joyful life.

Is this you?

Then sign up for my FREE 30 minute NO OBLIGATION breakthrough call where we will work on your most pressing concern and I can give you some insight into your concern from my Spiritual Guidance.  Believe me this call is always fun and always informative and best of all, it's FREE!!

Or if you would like to do a single 50 minute session with me, call now 210-560-7912. 

Working with me will help you...

Release the past

Learn to love and accept yourself in the present

Find your Life Purpose and how that manifest itself in the world

Strengthen your connection to your Spiritual guidance

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Achieve Maximum Continuous Results In Your Life

Working with me is transformative.  It is unlike any therapeutic/coaching process you have experienced in the past.  Many of my clients achieve lasting results.

The ideal client for this package is;
self motivated,

interested in spirituality according to your belief system,
willing to do the work outside of sessions,
and willing to commit to completing the sessions needed for lasting change.

If you feel this resonates with you, then make an appointment for a 30 minute breakthrough session with me to talk about your needs and ask any questions you might have to see whether this is the kind of work we can do together.  Give me a call at (210) 560-7912 or click the request appointment button at the top of the page.

3 month program fee is $1,797 if paid in full or if you want to use the payment plan it is $166.42 for 12 weeks.

Or, if you are already ready to commit to your Spiritual Journey and Transformation today, and

get my 25+ years of experience,

my connection to Spiritual guidance,

and it's ability to heal from a Higher perspective,

my  Spiritual Healing Reiki treatments and much more... 

Call 210-560-7912 to Sign Up and Reserve Your Spot.  Space is limited for this program for maximum attention and service.

This program is done via video sessions

Cash, or Credit Card accepted.

I look forward to working with you!

​Mitzi Z. Wood

The Spiritual Life Coaching 3 month program Fee is non-refundable. If you are making payments for the Program you are responsible for all of the Payments even if you choose not to participate or are unable to participate for any reason. If for some reason you cannot participate—you can apply the funds to future programs, products, or services for up to one year. Please call 210-560-7912 if you would like to take advantage of my payment program.

Discover Your Life Purpose Through 

Spiritual Guidance Group Coaching Program


This intensive 3 month online group coaching program gives you the opportunity to work with me in an online group setting in my exclusive FB group made for you to be able to interact with your group members, post celebrations and insight, ask questions, and gain support and accountability on your journey.

In this program you will receive;
One individual Video breakthrough session with Mitzi Wood
6 Biweekly Q & A Sessions with the group
6 Biweekly Video lessons with a meditation
FB Group Online interaction with Mitzi Wood
FB Group conversation and support
FB Accountability from the group and Mitzi Wood
And as always, spiritual guidance, advice, and counsel thru Mitzi Wood

The FB group is monitored daily by Mitzi Wood.

This group is designed for those who want to work with me, but don't want the cost of an individual program. For a fraction of the cost of an individual coaching program, you have the ability to work with me and an amazing group of your peers who will support and nurture your spiritual journey.

Some of the topics taught in this program include;
Identifying and releasing old limited beliefs
Developing a relationship with your Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual tools to help you on your journey
Discovering your life purpose and path
Developing your spiritual gifts
Learning how to identify and maintain your vibrational frequency for 
positive manifestation
How to build a solid inner spiritual life
And topics our Spiritual Guidance deems necessary to teach 
specifically for your spiritual growth

Doing this work on your own can be daunting. Many of my clients find spiritual things that they are interested in, but don't know what they mean or how to use them in their everyday life.

I have over 30 years of spiritual study and guidance in my own journey and am able to speak to you about a variety of spiritual topics that will help you on your journey. My background is as a therapist helping people to cope with a variety of mental health issues. Now as a spiritual life coach, I offer you the opportunity to have access to higher spiritual guidance, advice, and counsel through me that you would not normally have access to on your own. I can also teach you how to listen to and follow your own guidance, regardless of your belief system. I have helped many people let go of the past so that they may embrace the present moment to live a happier, more purposeful life.

I have many people achieve breakthroughs in their very first session with me. Why? Because, your spiritual guidance knows exactly what you need to know and how to help you. They have been waiting for you to decide to listen to your spirit rather than your human negative old belief system that has been keeping you stuck, anxious, depressed, and lost for so long.

Along with my more than 30 years of expertise in helping clients achieve their goals and find solutions to life's issues, we as a team have a powerful way of moving you along your journey and walking with you through the lessons of this life.

All it takes is you showing up and committing to doing the work that needs to be done to release your limiting beliefs, follow your dreams, and live a purpose filled life.

Now the choice is how you would like to do this. One on one coaching is always the most focused and targeted program, but if you would love to be part of a group of spiritual seekers and be able to talk to others about your journey, receive group support and guidance then my group coaching program is for you. Accountability is key whether you choose an individual or group program. Commit to 3 months of weekly information and study and breakthroughs and see how it changes your life.

Sign up now for the group coaching program for a third of the cost of individual coaching at the low price of $550.00 that's with a $50.00 discount if paid in full (or 3 monthly payments of $197.67). 
Call Mitzi Wood at 210-560-7912 to reserve you spot in this exclusive group.  

 Just so you know, I am limiting the amount of individuals in the group so that I can maximize my work with you.  If you have any questions, you may message me or call me directly at 210-560-7912​​

The Live Webinar will be presented and posted in an exclusive Facebook Group
where you will receive support, guidance, gratitude and celebration posts, and extra inspirational content. 

For more information call Mitzi Wood at 210-560-7912.