Harmony, Hypnosis, and Meditation

Video Counseling

Not able or wanting to make it into the office? Try video counseling. Just think, right from your own home or wherever you may want to receive information and advice you need when you need it most. The process is easy and fast.  Most appointments same day.

To Schedule your appointment call 210-560-7912. 

You must live in the state of Texas or Kentucky where I am licensed in order for me to do video counseling with you.

Spiritual Analysis

Individual Sessions

We are One  

This session allows the participant to be able to speak with and hear from their inner spirit in a way they have never experienced before.  This is excellent guidance from a higher universal Source perspective blended with Mitzi for the purpose of healing your life, making changes, and learning how to integrate fully your Spirit with your mind and body.

No insurance accepted for this service.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

including cognitive and stress reduction techniques for the purpose of reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is a researched technique that has proven results. Individual sessions available.

At this time most insurances accepted for this service.

Preauthorization is required before your first visit or the regular fee of $120.00 will be required. 

Please check to see that your insurance covers mental health/behavioral health services


Individual Sessions

Hypnotherapy has been shown to promote healing by overcoming the minds control of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that impede your ability to make positive choices in your life.

Problems addressed include stress, anxiety, and life management.  Also smoking cessation and weight management (for additional fees).

At this time most insurances accepted for this service. 

Preauthorization required before the first visit or the regular fee of $120.00 will be required.


Individual sessions


50 minutes - $120.00

Couples sessions


50 minutes - $150.00

Individual Meditation Sessions

45 minutes - $45.00

Group Meditation Sessions

1 hour - $15.00