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Transformational Healing


VIP Program

6 month Spiritual Development Program

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Spiritual Coaching

Initial Session is 75 minutes

Followup sessions are 50 minutes

During these sessions you will

Identify the Initial problem

Be provided with Spiritual Guidance toward the problem

Gain insight and breakthroughs to healing

And given tools to continue your healing between sessions

It is recommended that you have at least 4 sessions to complete the work and foster lasting healing

(Take advantage of my 8 session Transformational Healing Package)


​​It's time for another special!!! I am offering during the month of July a one time Spiritual Coaching Breakthrough session for the reduced price of $97.00. You must book your appointment before the end of July. Payment is due at the time of booking. To take advantage of this limited time offer call me at 210-560-7912 or SIGN UP ON THIS PAGE AT THE TOP WHERE IT SAYS EXPLORATION OR INDIVIDUAL SESSION to schedule. If you are having the session by video, there are more session times available to meet your schedule, but you must call to schedule those alternative dates and times.

Individual Services

Spiritual Readings

50 minutes

These sessions are for those who are seeking Spiritual guidance without doing therapy or coaching.  It offers insight into blocks, and obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward in your life or living your best life.

Spiritual Healing Reiki Treatments

50 minutes

Reiki is a specific method of amplifying and balancing natural energy by restoring vital energy to all levels of a person's be-ing.  Reiki is a tool for healing and empowerment, aiding one in connecting with the Ultimate Healer.  Add to this service my specialized technique using my spiritual guidance to raise your vibration.  This aids in removing blocks to what you want, releasing stuck places, and helping you to clarify your life purpose.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

50 minutes

Hypnotherapy has been researched and shown to be a catalyst for healing around issues of anxiety, depression, weight issues, smoking issues, and much more.  My sessions are conducted using the added benefit of Spiritual guidance to aid in the session from a higher healing level.

Holistic Psychotherapy

50 minutes

Holistic psychotherapy incorporating alternative healing methods including; Reiki, spiritual counsel, and Hypnotherapy to help you lower anxiety, alleviate depression, learn valuable tools to manage stress, grief, and life issues, including dealing with career, relationship, and life purpose, in a more efficient and focused way.  This service takes traditional therapy to the next level where Spiritual guidance enhances healing.  This therapy may be done in office or by video for anyone living in the state of Texas.


Traditional Services

Individual and Couple
Psychotherapy Sessions

50 minutes

Traditional psychotherapy sessions using spiritual principles for those who may wish to use their mental health insurance.  These sessions will be conducted according to the guidelines of your insurance company and does not include alternative healing methods.  I work with adults 25+ and couples dealing with anxiety and depression in a short term-solution focused model of therapy.  If you are looking for focused, problem solving therapy, this is the service for you.


Free 15 minute Exploration Session over the phone

Insurance May Be Accepted for Traditional Psychotherapy services only

Cash, Check, and Most Credit Cards Accepted For Services