Spiritual Coaching

Initial Session is 75 minutes

Followup sessions are 50 minutes

During these sessions you will

Identify the Initial problem

Be provided with Spiritual Guidance toward the problem

Gain insight and breakthroughs to healing

And given tools to continue your healing between sessions

It is recommended that you have at lease 4 sessions to complete the work and foster lasting healing

(Take advantage of my 8 session Transformational Healing Package)

Individual Services

Spiritual Readings

50 minutes

These sessions are for those who are seeking Spiritual guidance without doing therapy or coaching.  It offers insight into blocks, and obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward in your life or living your best life.

Reiki Treatments

50 minutes

Reiki is a specific method of amplifying and balancing natural energy by restoring vital energy to all levels of a person's be-ing.  Reiki is a tool for healing and empowerment, aiding one in connecting with the Ultimate Healer.

(Includes a Healing Attunement)


50 minutes

Hypnotherapy has been researched and shown to be a catalyst for healing around issues of anxiety, depression, weight issues, smoking issues, and much more.  My sessions are conducted using the added benefit of Spiritual guidance to aid in the session from a higher healing level.

Traditional Services

Individual and Couples Holistic 
Psychotherapy Sessions

Traditional psychotherapy sessions using spiritual principles for those who may wish to use their mental health insurance.  These sessions will be conducted according to the guidelines of your insurance company.


Free 15 minute Exploration Session over the phone

Insurance May Be Accepted for Holistic Psychotherapy services only

Transformational Healing Day Intensive

In my work with people in the past, I have been using the same old see you weekly for a 50 minute session model. That was great for the past, but sometimes I am aware that people need more. You want faster results in a condensed amount of time. Or there is so much more to work on in the session, but not enough time.  So, I am offering a personalized Transformational Healing Day!!! This day is for those of you who are looking for a breakthrough and not only that, tools to work through the breakthrough to begin to make some real lasting change.

The ideal client for this intensive service is someone willing to commit and show up powerfully to our transformative healing day and take action--here are some of the results you can expect.

Areas of breakthrough include; money issues, relationships, spiritual connectedness, life purpose, spiritual business building, and most importantly, how to get you out of your stuck place and move on with your life!!!. This intensive offers clarity and answers to issues that you may have been struggling with for a long time.

This day is personalized for you.  It is your day to deal with all of the issues you have been facing in the present, past, and future.  We will work through the issues that are most pressing to you and then we will work on healing old wounds, releasing the past, and planning for the future.  

This is a 5 hour intensive day that can be scheduled in person or by video. It is fun, eye opening, and life changing. And after this intensive session, you will have the opportunity for follow-up care and coaching to continue your spiritual journey.

Here is the agenda for your special day.  The agenda will be tailor made for you and your needs. 

The list includes, but is not limited to...

  • ​Deal with the initial problem presented using Spiritual Analysis
  • Develop goals for the Day
  • Release the problem from the physical, mental, and emotional bodies through Reiki
  • Use hypnotherapy to release unconscious blocks and enhance meditation
  • Teaching you tools for building your Spiritual journey
  • Building a new Spiritual life
  • Learn about your Life Purpose and Life Path
  • Learn how to begin/grow your Spiritual business
  • Learn how to use your Spiritual gifts
  • Learn how to listen and access your Spiritual guidance
  • Discuss next steps – Setting Goals for the week/month/3 months
  • Develop a plan for continued transformation
  • Discuss follow-up care and FB group
  • Transformational Healing aftercare

This transformational day requires payment before the time of service.  No insurance accepted.

If you would like more information or to sign up, give me a call at 210-560-7912. I look forward to taking this transformational journey with you.

Harmony Transformational Healing

Where Spirit Connects with Mind and Body

Transformational Healing Package

Thank you for visiting my services page.  If you have gotten this far, then I know you are probably looking for a different way to experience therapy/coaching.  The package I am offering you yields immediate results in the first session.  It is a 4 session initial commitment for those who wish to work on a particular problem to gain understanding and experience profound release. And then the next 4 weeks will be devoted to building your spiritual journey and learning tools to enhance your spiritual relationship and be able to work with your own guidance. 

When you meet with me I will begin with the issue you came to work on.  We will delve into the past only as it is relevant to the present moment.  Then we will work on opening up to insight into your issue by listening to whatever spiritual messages come up in the session.  You have to understand, your Spiritual guidance has been waiting to help you through whatever difficulties you are experiencing in this moment.  We just need to listen and be open to that guidance and then see how it applies to the issue at hand.   We will then set goals that you want to achieve while you are working with me.  After the initial session I will give you some homework to do until the next session so that you can continue working through the problem and gaining some valuable insight.

The next session will begin with those insights so that we can build on the work that we are doing to achieve your goals and find your purpose.  During this session I will develop tools with you to help manage any of the symptoms you have around your initial issue.  Sometimes when we start to delve into a problem, it brings up other issues that also need to be addressed. Sometimes it can also cause us to clear energy physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you are open to the new learning and insight ahead.  I will support you in session through this process of clearing and do some energy work either through Reiki, meditation, or hypnotherapy to aid in this process.  You will continue your work between sessions to aid in your healing process.

As we continue to work together, we will;

Release the past

Learn to love and accept yourself in the present

Find your Life Purpose and how that manifest itself in the world

Strengthen your connection to your Spiritual guidance

Working with me is transformative.  It is unlike any therapeutic/coaching process you have experienced in the past.  Many of my clients achieve lasting results.

The ideal client for this package is;

self motivated

interested in spirituality according to your belief system

willing to do the work outside of sessions

and will to commit to completing the sessions needed for lasting change.

If you feel this resonates with you, then make an appointment for a 15 minute exploratory session with me to talk about your needs and ask any questions you might have to see whether this is the kind of work we can do together.  Give me a call at (210) 560-7912 or click the request appointment button at the top of the page.

No insurance accepted for this service.

I look forward to working with you!

​Mitzi Z. Wood