Spiritual Life Coaching Single Sessions 

50 minutes


If you are interested in working with me, but would like to have a session before enrolling in my

3 month program, a single session would be perfect for you. Or if you are on your journey and need coaching on a specific spiritual issue, single sessions can offer you a time limited way of dealing with and clearing the issue without committing to the program.

During these sessions you will;

Identify the Initial problem

Be provided with Spiritual Guidance about the problem

Gain insight and breakthroughs to healing

And be given tools to continue your healing between sessions

Please see my Spiritual Life Coaching page for more offerings!

All Services are By Video Only

​​Individual Services

Each Service is $150.00 a Session

Spiritual Readings

50 minutes

These sessions are for those who are seeking Spiritual guidance without doing therapy or coaching.  It offers insight into blocks, and obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward in your life or living your best life.  Spiritual readings may include past life information, connection to loved ones who have transitioned for the benefit of your life journey and spiritual growth, life purpose information, and connection to your spiritual guidance.  Would you like a spiritual check up monthly?  Or you have an issue that you feel you need some focused guidance more often?  Take advantage of my 4 session reading package at a discounted rate of $50.00

Spiritual Healing Reiki Treatments

50 minutes

Reiki is a specific method of amplifying and balancing natural energy by restoring vital energy to all levels of a person's be-ing.  Reiki is a tool for healing and empowerment, aiding one in connecting with the Ultimate Healer.  Add to this service my specialized technique using my spiritual guidance to raise your vibration.  This aids in removing blocks to what you want; releasing stuck places; and helping you to clarify your life purpose.  Save $100.00 when you buy a 4 session package

Individual Guided Meditation Sessions

30 minutes

If you would like to learn how to meditate, enhance your meditation, or incorporate meditation into your daily practice, then sign up for this individualized meditation program where I will work with you and bring through my spiritual guidance to bring clarity, healing, and purpose to your life.

Individual sessions are $75.00 for 30 minutes and include a recording made available to you to refer back to between sessions.  Save $50.00 when you buy a 4 session package.

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Free 30 minute Exploration Session over the phone

Cash, Check, and Most Credit Cards Accepted For Services

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