Discover Your Life Purpose


In my work with people in the past, I have been using the same old "see you weekly for a 50 minute session" model. That was great for the past, but I have become aware that people need more. You want faster results in a condensed amount of time. Or, there is so much more to work on in the session, but not enough time. 

So, I am offering a personalized Discover Your Life Purpose VIP Day!!! 

This day is for you if you are looking for a breakthrough and not only that, tools to work through the breakthrough to begin to make some real lasting change. 

The ideal client for this intensive service is someone willing to commit and show up powerfully to your breakthrough healing day and take action--here are some of the results you can expect. 

Areas of breakthrough include, but are not limited to money issues; relationships; spiritual connectedness (meeting your spiritual guide); discovering your life purpose; spiritual business building; and most importantly, the tools to get you out of your stuck place and moving on with your life!!!. This intensive offers clarity and answers to issues that you may have been struggling with for a long time.

This day is personalized for you.  It is your day to deal with all of the issues you have been facing in the present, past, and future.  We will work through the issues that are most pressing to you and then we will work on healing old wounds, releasing the past, and planning for the future.  

This is a 5 hour intensive day that can be scheduled by video worldwide. It is fun, eye opening, and life changing. And after this intensive session, you will have the opportunity for follow-up care and coaching to continue your spiritual journey.

Here is the agenda for your special day.  The agenda is tailor made for you and your needs.  

The list includes, but is not limited to...

  1. Dealing with the initial problem presented using Spiritual Analysis (a blend of spiritual guidance and my 30 years of expertise)

  2. Developing goals for the Day and tailoring the day according to your needs

  3. Releasing the problem from the physical, mental, and emotional bodies through Spiritual Reiki Healing

  4. Using Spiritual hypnotherapy to release unconscious blocks and enhance your meditation

  5. Learning tools for building your Spiritual journey

  6. Building a new Spiritual focus, purpose driven life

  7. Learning about your Life Purpose and Soul Path

  8. Learning how to begin/grow your Spiritual business

  9. Learning how to identify and use your Spiritual gifts

  10. Learning how to listen and access your Spiritual guidance

  11. Discussing the next steps – Setting Goals for the week/month/3 months

  12. Developing a plan for continued transformation after you VIP day

  13. Discussing follow-up care and FB group support

There is so much information and breakthrough moments that happen on your VIP day.  If you are wanting to take a giant leap forward, remove blocks and identify limiting beliefs to your life purpose, And live a more purposeful life! Then call today at 210-560-7912 to schedule your day with me. 

This service is offered via video.

Fee for this service is only $997.00

(What I am offering is very popular and space is limited.  Call today at 210-560-7912 to reserve your special VIP day.)

If you would like more information or to sign up, give me a call at


I look forward to taking this transformational journey with you.

Mitzi Z. Wood

This Discover Your Life Purpose VIP day requires payment at the time the service is booked.  Cash or Credit Card Accepted. The Discover Your Life Purpose VIP Day Fee is non-refundable. If for some reason you cannot participate—you can apply the funds to future programs, products or services within one year of purchase.