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Spiritual coaching and counseling in

San Antonio​​​​

Transformational Healing thru Spiritual Messages and Meditation Series

Join me for this transformative webinar where I will convey messages and teaching from a Universal perspective and also guide you in a spiritually connected meditation. This is an amazing webinar geared toward jump starting or enhancing your meditation practice. The best part is, I am offering this series for FREE!!! This is an introduction to continued spiritual experiences with me through webinars. So be sure to sign up and partake in this limited time offer. These classes are ongoing from month to month. For questions or comments or to schedule a personal session with me, please contact me at

(210) 560-7912.

Monday nights at 7:00 PM Central Time 
on Facebook @harmonytransformationalhealing

Mitzi Z. Wood, LCSW

Spiritual Communicator, Holistic Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

9 AM to 3 PM

call 210-560-7912 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you achieve your goals 

Transformational Healing for 

Individual and Couples

Can't make it to my office? Video counseling is also available

evenings and weekends.  

About Me

I am a transformational healer. I have been doing this work for over 25 years bringing a vast amount of diverse experience to my practice.

My specialty is connecting people to their inner spirituality and creating change on a deeper connected level.  I help people work with their spiritual belief system to fall in line with their True and Authentic self. This process aids in reducing anxiety, relieving depression, and living a more purpose driven life.

I believe that we are on a journey, and that we connect with individuals along the way who can help us with our journey.

I believe I am that person for you.  If you resonate with this philosophy then book your appointment or call me today.

1380 Pantheon Way, Suite 230, San Antonio, TX 78232

(210) 560-7912

Next Day Appointments May Be Available

Harmony Transformational Healing

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