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"The One Phrase that Will Always Keep You From Hearing From Your Spiritual Guidance"

1380 Pantheon Way, Suite 230, San Antonio, TX 78232

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Mitzi Z. Wood, LCSW

Holistic Psychotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher

Spiritual coaching and counseling in San Antonio Transformational healing in Hollywood Park spiritual life coach holistic psychotherapy counselors - licensed professional

9 AM to 3 PM | Monday - Friday

1380 Pantheon Way, Ste. 230,

San Antonio, TX, United States



Harmony Transformational Healing

Where Spirit Connects with Mind and Body

Harmony Transformational Healingis dedicated to helping you navigate your spiritual journey and understand how your beliefs drive your ability to find and achieve your life purpose.

It is my purpose to help you activate your life purpose and follow your life path by; teaching you spiritual principles; helping you recognize how you access your Spiritual guidance; and helping you uncover and enhance your spiritual gifts.
My mission is to grow Spiritual leaders, teachers, and healers for the purpose of following their life path and creating change in the world.

I am a transformational healer! I have been doing this work for over 30 years bringing a vast amount of diverse experience to my practice.

My specialty is connecting people to their inner spirituality and creating change on a deeper connected level.  I help people work with their spiritual belief system to fall in line with their True and Authentic self. This process aids in reducing anxiety, relieving depression, and living a more purpose driven life.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 
9 AM to 3 PM

(Additional times for Video Sessions by Request)

call 210-560-7912 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you achieve your goals

Breakthrough Healing for 
Individual 25+ and Couples

Spiritual Life Coaching
Holistic Psychotherapy
Spiritual Life Readings
Reiki Energy Healing
Classes and Workshops

​(Most Insurances Accepted for Psychotherapy only)

Can't make it to my office? Video Coaching or Counseling is also available evenings and weekends.

Spiritual Life Coaching and Holistic Psychotherapy in San Antonio​​​​​

San Antonio​​​​

About Me

What sets me apart from other coaches, healers, and teachersis my ability to bridge the gap with my 30+ years of expertise and my spiritual guidance to help you navigate what you believe with all of the information on spirituality out there that can be confusing and intimidating.

I have been a student of spiritual learning from an early age when I would have profound spiritual experiences within my religious upbringing. I have come to learn that my spiritual guidance needed to raise my vibration from my human nature (conditioned self) to more of a connection with my Spiritual self. The teachings I received began with channeling and intuitive card reading in my 20’s and progressed to gaining a background in counseling to supplement my organic spiritual education. As I continued in this life, the progression of my connection to spirit became more integrated and I formed a more seamless process with my guidance and my counseling. 

I offer you a variety of services to meet your needs including, energy healing through Reiki, spiritual life readings, meditation classes and individual meditation teaching, workshops and courses to enhance your spiritual life learning, holistic psychotherapy to help you move through mental health issues in a more holistic way, and hypnotherapy to enhance change at a deeper level.

I have found that the learning is never over and the evolution of my journey continues. I am very clear in my mission to help others discover their own spiritual purpose in the world. I am made aware that this is more important now then it has ever been.  We have a responsibility to become spiritual leaders and guide others to do the same.

If you would like to walk with me on your journey, please reach out and contact me. If you are connecting on this page, you are already being called. Take the next step and clear out anxieties, depression, and blocks to what you know is your path.

I believe that we are on a journey, and that we connect with individuals along the way who can help us with our journey.

I believe I am that person for you.  If you resonate with this philosophy then book your appointment or call me today.